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"Equity sure makes it easy!"

Kurt Zimmerman

"Grateful to be with Equity!"

Catherine Rehberg

"Thank you for paying me so quickly"

Carriene Porter

"I appreciate everything Equity has to offer."

Aminda Whitten

"Being a realtor is difficult enough without having to struggle with the paperwork side of things, or lag in payments. Equity makes this entire process so simple! Thank you!"

Braylee Nielsen

"Equity is the greatest!"

Michael Bay

"I love the freedom Equity gives me."

Bradley Young

"I love working for Equity!"

Carolyn Hardman

"I love Equity and all it has to offer us agents!"

Rachel Bitton

"I love Equity!"

Greg Adamson

"Equity has been so great and supportive. Super grateful for everything they do."

Alexandra Steed

"Equity is awesome."

Stacie Rhodes

"Equity is still a great brokerage to belong to. Everyone from brokers to fellow agents are the kindest and most helpful people."

Jesse Alfaro

"I am grateful for my Equity ohana sharing aloha, information and resources freely with inclusion and prosperity for all."

Catherine Rehberg

"After being with another brokerage for the past few yours is refreshing and amazing to see the incredible amount of organization, support, value and benefit provided with Equity. The experience of seeing how much of my commission I'm able to keep even with all that value is amazing. Thank you Equity."

Greg Smith

"Great teamwork by all! Love the systems and resources we have access to. Thanks, Equity, for being a great support for my business."

Candice Rigtrup

"Smooth transaction. Team makes the Dreamwork. Thank you Equity Corp team for processing payroll so quickly."

Malia Horomona

"I love Equity!"

Michael Bay

"I’ve been really pleased and happy at Equity!"

Stacey Dixon

"Equity is the best place in the whole world to sell Real Estate!!! Love the broker and all the family!!! Equity is the greatest company!!!!!!!!!"

Cindy Schmidt

"I been with equity for 12 yrs. and I love every moment and even more every transaction I get completed at equity."

Eva Vincent

"Thank you for the helpful closing as always."

Morgan Spokny

"Easy to work with Equity"

John Hook

"Thanks for being there when I need a hand!"

Aminda Whitten

"Always great support"

Ronald Thrapp

"I LOVE Equity!"

Paige Doyle

"Love Equity"

Carrie Carroll

"Everything was great as usual"

Debbie Rice

"My Broker is always quick to respond, always has the answers and I have really enjoy working with him. The team was quick to move my file Forward and pay out!!"

Nicole Montoya

"Best brokerage ever!"

Emily Robinette

"Love equity real estate"

Diego Viramontes

"I appreciate the support and confidence along with the efforts made to offer training in a timely basis."

Blaine Farnsworth

"Equity is the best!"

Bryan Palmer

"Equity is Fast, Efficient, helpful, fast and fun!"

Trent Nielsen

"Equity continues to be a great brokerage to hang my license. I love the quick response time from my brokers and all the added tools to help us succeed."

Jesse Alfaro

"This was such a smooth transaction and the Equity team was quick and efficient. I love the infrastructure and the online trainings. It's a great system!"

Anna-Karin Olson

"Great company."

M Trenton Bodell

"I love EQUITY and planning to STAY with it till my RETIREMENT. THX"

Sikandar Sial

"Love equity!"

Jon Hiatt

"Love Equity. Fees are fair. Lots of training and support."

Julia Barton

"I appreciate all of you!"

Jonathan Holm

"My team at Equity is amazing and helpful when needed and I appreciate that so much"

Sherri Bradford

"Very professional!!"

Sharron Sturges

"Equity is great"

Laura Wise

"Thanks for being so quick with my commission check."

Carrie Blum

"Love Equity"

Kevin Hall

"I really love Equity! 5 years in and I still think it's the best brokerage around. Thanks for having a wonderful, fair place to land for agents. Looking forward to many more years of helping people into home ownership!"

Walter Woods

"Any questions I have are always answered promptly. I love being an Equity agent!"

Nancy Hendryx

"I appreciate all you do and how responsive everyone is to my questions and processing payroll!"

Jonathan Holm

"One month into my ninth year as an agent with Equity Real Estate and already having the best year yet! Thank you to all who make Equity Real Estate awesome!"

James Piercey

"I love the tools that are provided and the help that is always available."

Malone Molgard

"I Love Equity! I have been with Equity Real Estate since 2008! Easy, affordable transactions and they really provide excellent support for their Agents. I have been in Real Estate since 1987, and I have worked for other companies—there are just no comparisons for Trust and Honor."

Sharron Sturges

"Equity rocks!"

Aaron Wagner

"I have been working with Equity for a long time, and I'm very comfortable here."

Maria Torres

"Equity allows me the freedom to serve my clients the best way possible. My broker is always there to help solve challenging issues. Plus, the low transaction fee helps me financially. In addition, Equity offers so many other services—including free CE courses and a personal website. I love being part of Equity!"

Lori Nielsen

"Equity has been my brokerage since 2007."

Barry Preusz

"Equity has helped me grow my business at my pace."

Daniel Eerkes

"Equity Real Estate is an excellent brokerage for a new or seasoned agent. They have all the tools to help you be very successful. Highly recommended."

Christopher Kemp

"Equity always gives me excellent support for my business."

Horacio Marchitelli

"The training, service, and support from Equity and my broker is very valuable in making my business a success."

Teresa Liebig

"Good company, good Broker, well run and I love it."

Drew Pearce

"I love Equity and I'm never leaving!"

Rachael Hodson

"Equity has more resources than any other Real Estate company I've worked with. The brokers are great to work with."

Jennifer Nielsen

"Equity is the best. Always there when I need them, and not in my way when I don't."

Joshua Christensen

"Equity Real Estate has been the best tool in the Real Estate Field offering GREAT BACK END AND FRONT END SUPPORT!"

Mark Meredith

"I started my Real Estate career with Equity in 2013. I had a lot of concerns because the market was really struggling and so many agents were leaving the profession. Equity was the right choice. My branch broker is amazingly supportive and always promptly returns my calls. In addition, Equity provides an incredible amount of resources to help me build my business considering the small amount they take from each transaction. Real Estate has been very good to me and so has Equity."

Brandon Thomas

"I love being an Equity Agent! Reasonable fees, excellent broker support, easy paperwork submission and super fast commission payments. What's not to love?"

Malinda Bills

"Equity offers everything a Agent could want."

Sue Lipsman

"Equity is an amazing company I cannot believe more agents have not shifted over from the high priced brokerages!"

Susan Alfieri

"My broker and the staff have been fantastic to work with! I really like most of the programs that Equity has to offer to their Agents. I feel that I have learned so much and have been listened to and helped through difficult transactions. Thank you! 😃"

Dianne Hales

"Best Real Estate Company to set a better future with."

Reza Abtahi

"When I share my Equity experience with a fellow Agent outside of the company and that Agent joins our brokerage, I am paid $100.00 in profit sharing from the company every time he or she closes a transaction. That makes me happy! Every agent I have shared the Equity experience with who has joined the company says, ‘I should have done this years ago!’"

Tom Hoffman

"Great Company to be with!"

Elena Dornean

"For a very affordable price, Equity provides all the support, training, and tools you need to become a very successful agent."

Sandra Shayler

"Equity is so smooth and easy to work with!"

Amber Sargent

"I Love Equity. My Broker and the office staff are always right there to help you."

Jolynn Petrlich

"Love Equity, Thank you!"

Brook Bernier

"I have loved working with Equity! They provide so many necessary tools for being a successful agent."

Greg Adamson

"I love working at EQUITY!"

Kyra Haycock

"Equity is a well run brokerage that can be of benefit to all agents, regardless of experience."

Lawrence Clarke

"The Commission Processing Department is very responsive and always helpful."

Marybeth Kostrikin

"Just still happy to be with equity after 11 years"

Bryce Mitchell

"I am so happy to be a part of Equity!!"

Denise Samples

"Equity Real Estate provides the best technology, tools, training, and leadership so that I may focus on growing my business."

Holly Durkin

"Equity is by far the best brokerage in the business and really is the model for the future."

David Willis

"I have absolutely loved being a part of Equity! I have the best broker and all of the support I need!"

Joy Zabriskie

"Great Company to work with!"

Ruthann Bales

"Equity is a great brokerage that provides a lot of value without milking the agent for everything. Plus there is a focus on growing agent talent and having no pressure environment."

Eric Horn

"Having worked for other companies there is no comparison to the money to be made."

Wade Perschon

"I have loved doing Real Estate within the Equity Family. It’s easy to refer other Agents over because I really believe that this is a great brokerage to do Real Estate with!"

Gregory Brown

"I am very pleased to be working with a company that supports its Agents and appreciates them for the work that they put into creating a successful transaction. The tools given to expedite our work efficiently are superior to my competition. I always feel that my opinion is respected and matters. Best of all, I feel that my Qualifying Broker listens to my issues and takes action if warranted. Respect is what a Agent can expect with Equity!"

Sandra Sunderlage

"Great Company! I'm so happy to put an additional 45%+ money in my pocket, and not into the pocket of brokerage."

Gene Atkinson

"Love Equity. Thanks for a great company!"

Jane Copier

"I am very happy with Equity. I get paid right away. Any issues I have had were worked out almost immediately."

Keitia Winfield

"Best Company I have ever worked for."

Ehab Abdrabo

"I LOVE Equity. Equity provides access to as much technology as the higher priced brokers and excellent support when I need it."

Malcolm Whitney

"Equity provides everything needed to be successful in this business. The support received from my Broker, fellow agents, and Equity is invaluable!"

Chantelle Rees

"Equity was a good move for me."

Terry Crook

"Equity is a great home for my business. After 20 years in Real Estate, I am very happy at Equity."

Thomas Powell

"Equity is a great company!!! I love the low fees and all that they provide to me as a Agent!"

Jessica Himle

"Very smooth and accurate support with each transaction. Thanks Equity."

Trent Nielsen

"I am very happy with Equity Real Estate!"

Robin Emery

"Equity Real Estate is my choice. I like their program and love working with this company!"

Elaina Yu

"I appreciate the services offered by Equity Real Estate!"

Valeen Barber

"Great broker, fast and efficient commission department and I love the low fees!"

Shiloh Vedaa

"The training offered through Equity is exactly what is needed and the flexibility to plug in when I have the time has been wonderful."

Dawn Cassaday

"Equity is the cutting edge of Real Estate Brokerages. I am proud to say I work with Equity!"

John Gledhill

"I love to see how the office team goes far and beyond to improve the services to their agents."

Rocio Canteli

"I love Equity and I love my Broker!"

Amy Thomas

"We love Equity! It has been a great fit for our real estate team!"

Vickie Pincock

"This is a great company to be with!"

Tony Anderson

"The Transaction Review Department is great to work with on my transactions at Equity!"

Elizabeth Enloe

"Equity has been a great place to start my career. My broker has provided me with great training opportunities, I love the technology that I have access to, and the broker fees are unbeatable!"

Lisa Romero

"I am very blessed and happy to have the opportunity to work with such friendly, encouraging, helpful, and guiding people! I love Equity!"

Anna Nawalany

"Keep up the great work and thanks for the smooth transaction. 😃"

Matthew Kay

"Equity has saved me so much money on broker fees!"

Amber Crews

"Thank you all for all you hard work on my behalf!"

Jennifer Mitchell

"All I can say is why didn't I move over to this company sooner!"

Susan Hull

"Equity is a very affordable program for new licensee!"

Thua Dai

"Equity is a great brokerage to work for. They have the resources and the people to take care of us agents, they care about our success and it shows through their services. I love Equity!"

Carmen Brown

"Equity is the best brokerage I have ever been with!"

Brett Talbot

"It's been awesome!"

Nick Rastopchin

"I love being associated with Equity Real Estate! The company helps in every way possible and their fees are the lowest in the industry. Mentoring Program for new agents Weekly training for everyone My Branch Broker is always accessible. Top notch company!"

Scott Oldroyd

"I love Equity, they make everything a breeze, are always there to help and answer questions, and it's affordable!"

Kali Hepker

"Thanks for being such a great brokerage!"

David Leyba

"Equity has been a great move for me!"

Sandra George

"Just closed my first transaction and was very impressed with Equity! They helped me start to finish and answered any questions I had along the way. Can't beat the fast payroll process as well!"

Ryan Baldwin

"I love my broker! He has so much knowledge and is always available. 5 stars!!!"

Kaydee Scott

"I am grateful for the support and service provided by Equity it is truly an outstanding brokerage!"

Joyce Hachen

"Best Brokerage ever!"

Lynnette Jones

"LOVE Equity and all of the NEW Changes. Keep it up!!!"

Darla Hartvigsen

"I am contacted every week from another brokerage trying to recruit. I always say how completely I am happy I am with Equity. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made!"

Denise Deru

"Great Real Estate company to be with."

Laurie Radatz

"I just love the way Equity operates!!"

Kevin Hall

"As always I am very happy and satisfied to be a part of Equity!"

Vanessa Merrill

"Equity Real Estate was a game changer for me!!! I have loved not having to pay any of my hard earned commissions to my broker! There is always FREE information at my fingertips and I couldn't be happier! I have tried several different brokerages, and this is THE fit for me! Join us!"

Marcianne Christensen

"Equity and my broker offer amazing support."

Michele Lovato

"Great place to work!"

Derrick Dannenbaum

"Equity has all the resources Today’s Agent could ask for."

Ronald Hill

"Equity has been a great company to work with!"

Carrie Carroll

"Equity gives me more access to training and business growth, classes, tutorials"

Nathan Harris

"I love all the support and help."

Briana Allred

"I love being a Realtor and Equity is a great company to be associated with."

Robert Bevan

"This was my first completed transaction and I’m impressed with how smoothly it went!"

Michelle Reinke

"Thank you Equity for always being there to support me and stand behind me!"

Karyl Lawrence

"Equity is an amazing brokerage to be apart of. I know I always have someone in my corner. When you have people you can trust, it’s everything!"

Karyl Lawrence

"I'm very happy with Equity!"

Lark Leitgeb

"With the training available and the technology offered to me as an Equity Agent I couldn't feel more confident representing clients. I'm proud to represent Equity."

Shantell Douros

"Equity is a full service brokerage and has much more to offer on top of the discounted transaction fees. Broker and agents are eager to help and assist anyone who needs it. And a Huge amount of resources are available to build your real estate business."

Henry Archer

"I just have to say how pleased I am with Equity! I love you guys! You are there when I need you. Continue to strive to get better and when I close, I get paid so quickly! Thank you!"

Heidi Pilcher

"Equity continues to provide an outstanding service to its agents."

Michael Ahlin

"Equity provides unequaled value to it's agents."

Marcel Savoie

"The Transaction Review and Payroll departments are awesome!"

Kelly Holt

"You guys are great, I have been really pleased being here! Everything runs so smooth, when I submit files and there are things I need adjusted, everyone is so kind about it. Really appreciate it."

Alexandra Steed

"Thank you for all the help and support from our Equity Team and our Realtor family. I really love to work with professionals like you."

Jennifer Sorbonne

"Happy to be part of the Equity Ohana"

Jordan Sonner

"The support I received, both directly from managing brokers and the supporting documentation, checklists, etc., was fantastic and helped me feel confident with what I was doing every step of the way. Thanks!"

Edward Lachendro

"Great organization with total support and, as much as you personally want, the staff is there to assist. Best brokerage ever associated with."

Brent Winget

"Great company to be with."

Njoud Hogue

"I feel very lucky to be an Equity Agent. There is so much support and positivity. I feel I can reach my broker at any time to get advice or an opinion. I’m very satisfied with the commission structure. It has consistently been a positive experience to be associated with Equity."

Lynn Grove

"Equity provides great support and tools."

Scott Geertsen

"Choosing Equity was the best decision I’ve made! They’re always quick to respond and help with any issues!"

Jessica Swingley

"I love Equity! Seriously the best people, processes, and environment!"

Katherine Lowder

"Everyone at Equity continues to be fantastic to work with—whenever I interact with an Equity staff member, either by email or phone, it is very professional and responsive. I am proud to be a part of an amazing company. My phone is ringing and I am busy selling homes!"

Renee Bryant

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