Staging Secrets: How to Make Your Property Irresistible

Tony Ketterling • October 12, 2023

Staging Secrets: How to Make Your Property Irresistible

Boost Your Property's Appeal for a Faster Sale and Better Price!

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Have you got a great property and are ready to sell it? How do you think you could make it stand out from the rest? Staging is the answer! We're diving into proven tips that make your property irresistible to buyers. Here's your guide to ace a home presentation and seal that deal!

Key Takeaway The correct staging can speed up the sale and increase the property's value. Let's go through some straightforward steps to transform your property into a buyer's dream.

Clean and Declutter

  • What's in it for me: A clean home makes buyers feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Could you remove any extra stuff that's lying around?
  • A clutter-free space looks more extensive and more appealing.

Neutralize the Palette

  • What's in it for me: Strong colors might only be some people's cup of tea.
  • Stick with neutral shades like white, gray, or beige for a universally appealing look.
  • It helps the buyer visualize themselves in the space.

Arrange Furniture Smartly

  • What's in it for me: Place furniture in a way that showcases the room's functionality but also allows easy movement.
  • This invites the buyer to imagine their life in your property.

Let There Be Light

  • What's in it for me: A well-lit home feels warm and welcoming.
  • Replace dim bulbs with brighter ones and open the curtains to let natural light flood in.

Curb Appeal Matters

  • What's in it for me: The exterior is the first thing buyers see.
  • Fresh paint, a well-maintained lawn, and some potted plants can make a difference.

Small Touches Make a Big Difference

  • What's in it for me: Fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, or a pleasing aroma can add that extra charm without costing a lot.

Digital Staging for the Win

  • What's in it for me: Not all staging needs to be physical.
  • Digital tools can help buyers visualize what the property could look like with their furniture and decor.

Staging can be simple and inexpensive. A few simple changes can make your property a favorite among buyers. This means a quicker sale and a better price for you when done right.? Ready to impress? Happy staging!

Tony Ketterling

CEO of Equity Real Estate

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