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In addition to one-on-one mentoring with your Broker, a 12-week personalized course for new Agents, discounted online C.E. courses and FREE semi-monthly C.E. classes held at our offices, Equity Agents also have 24 / 7 access to Eric's strategically developed training courses.

Eric Lee has been a real estate Broker with Equity Real Estate for over 10 years.  He has trained thousands of Agents/Brokers.   He has helped Agents win the Rookie of the Year award, helped Agents take their business to the next level, and even Brokers with over 30 years experience have taken it and improved their business:

Brief Explanation
Being the Best YOU you can be
We discuss the science behind goals, the requirements that need to happen BEFORE you ever start with any actions, and the simple day-to-day tasks you can implement to ensure your success!
Smart Goals & E-Myth Applications
You may have read "The E-Myth" by Michael Gerber.  In this webinar, we review how we set goals in our business as well as personal lives.  Then we review how we can then apply basic, enlivening principles of Gerber's book to our professional lives to enable us to understand where our shortcomings originate and how we can overcome them
Purchase Contract Scenarios
A  little self test on the most common challenges that land real estate agents in trouble...with their clients, the board, and even the Division of Real Estate.  This is an inter-active session where we see scenarios and vote on which is the proper way of handling them.  You'll get to see how you do and brush up on the knowledge that could save your career!
Ideal Week/Time Management
This webinar focuses on the unique challenges of self-employment as a Realtor® and ways to help you know what activities will bring the best results, how to organize yourself so you accomplish everything you need to, and how to evaluate yourself to measure your improvement.
Listings/Listing Role Play
Learn the tips and tricks of the country's top agents in signing the listing agreement the night of your presentation and avoid the dreaded words "let us think about it".  We will also give you many tips on marketing and new systems to help you move those listings faster!
Buyers/Buyer Role Play
Ever been "burned" by a buyer going behind your back with a FSBO, or shown homes only to have a smooth talking listing agent offer $500 off if they went without an agent?  Well, those days are over.  Attend this Thursday's webinar and see how to avoid all the pitfalls of working with Buyers and turn them into dream clients.
Learn the concepts of building a pipeline that will keep you in business long-term and even provide a retirement plan for yourself!  We then apply some of those concepts to a winning SOI plan that will grow your business to a point you won't even recognize with 12 months!
Farm/Power Team
We've all heard of it, but very few agents know how to farm effectively.  In this training we will teach you how to choose, set up, market to, and reap the huge benefits of effective farming. We will then help magnify all your marketing efforts with the Power Team concept that can be applied across the board to tactics you already use that will enhance the effectiveness of all your programs.
Working FSBO's are the lifeblood of many real estate agents and so important that most training programs emphasize calling on FSBO's every day for several hours.  In this training module, you'll learn how to make the best use of your FSBO efforts and convert 10 times more sellers to you than a typical "smile and dial" approach.
SOI Sphere of Influence
Setting goals and planning your day
Training and Development
Group Coaching
Setting up a functioning database
Building that database up to 500 contacts
Networking with local business leaders
How to create and build relationships with an effective newsletter
Facebook and social marketing
Forming a Mastermind Group

Testimonials from previous class attendance:

“Thinking back on my short real estate career I really wish I had taken this course right when I started because I think I really could have taken advantage of the tips I have learned before the market went south. But I will say that since taking the course my career has changed significantly.

I have found the classes about time management and the ideal week to be very helpful. With a 19-month old and a baby on the way I find that I really have to use my time wisely or I never get any work done. But the ideal day/week helps so much to keep me on track and remind me of the things that I want to accomplish. I have found that attending the classes and listening to what works and doesn't work for other agents has really got my mind thinking and trying to change things a little and make them work for my situation. I have been able to make great progress. I have focused most of my energy on getting our website up and going and getting people to check it out. I sent mailers out to my Farm last Monday and since then I have had over 150 hits on my website (previously averaging 20-something a month). That to me is very remarkable! I have had a few prospects come from it and I have also had signs made with the website and business cards as well. People really like looking at things online and It shows me that people are looking. The market is not as dead as we all think. One thing I will say is, as I sit through the trainings and I hear all of the ideas I think how great it could be for someone who is really willing to put all of the theories and practices to work. For someone who is willing and able to put the time in and really give it a good shot, this could definitely be a great start to a very busy and successful real estate career.

I have learned new things each and every week I have gone to training and I have noticed that I need the class each week to renew the motivation that I lack by the end of the week. I haven't followed everything perfect, but I have learned a great deal and I can already see great things coming from it. It gets me excited and it makes me want to work. I have spent more time working since I started the training than I did in the last six months since I started in the business and I know that all of my efforts will pay off!”

Thanks for everything,
Natalie B.

“I’m happy to write how the coaching has helped, as a matter of fact it’s been invaluable, what I’ve taken from it has been interesting, there are things in your business that you know you should do, things that every agent knows should be happening, yet as agents we don’t do them, we don’t prospect, we don’t follow up, somehow we imagine that some mystical force will guide our business to the 6 figure mark without us getting outside of our comfort zone. The coaching so far has been superb in driving home the importance of the things you do every day, the biggest thing I am doing now is actually doing prospecting nearly every day, and with the scripts and materials that are in the packet it looks like I’ll pick up another 2 or 3 listings this month.”  – Keith C.

“I have been licensed since 2003 and have had a successful real estate career, but was looking for some direction and tools to help take my business to the “next level.”  That is what I found in your course.  Some of the assignments were things that I already knew but had never implemented.  Because you held me accountable I have now implemented many of these programs, and plan to incorporate all of them in the near future, which I am confident will pay great dividends.  You also provided me with some new ideas that have already helped me make some contacts that I otherwise would not have made.  You helped me to get more organized in my business, but more importantly, I now have a much more clear vision of what I need to do to have the kind of business I want.  Whether an agent is brand new to the business or has been in the business for years, they can benefit from this course.  I highly recommend it.”  – Jon D.

“Eric, I enjoyed your class on SOI, on a business level it has shown me the need for developing a personal campaign to stay in touch. It has taken me 28 years to combine this information in boxes, daytimers and notes. Your six week course breaks down the process and has required me to focus on a deadline. My response to my first mailer was overwhelming. My goal was to obtain referral and repeat business from my SOI. This class has shown me how important it is to implement your plans and projects. I should have Implemented my database years ago, I wonder how much business I have lost to the competition.”  – Gary C.


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