Equity regularly contributes to RPAC, from company profits, automatically. We are the only company in the nation that does this.

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® encourages its members to become involved in civic life, to become knowledgeable about issues impacting their businesses and the real estate market, and to support initiatives that promote and ensure a healthy and sustainable real estate market. There are several ways to become an educated and involved REALTOR®.

Whether you like it or not, your ability to make a living as a REALTOR® is affected by the decisions made by government officials. That’s why the REALTORS® Political Action Committee raises voluntary funds from REALTORS® in order to elect public officials who understand the importance of homeownership and private property rights. The money is also used to battle legislation that would hurt REALTORS® or their clients. When you donate to RPAC, you give to a bipartisan organization that supports a pro-REALTORŪ Congress and Legislature, nationwide.

Equity believes in the REALTOR® voice. This is why we have chosen to donate to RPAC. To see how you can become more involved in RPAC visit http://www.realtor.org/political-advocacy/get-involved.

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