Uniquely Different... RATES

Equity's unique desire is to provide quality services, exceptional resources and comprehensive support to our Realtors for a fair transaction fee.

What does Equity charge? $499 per transaction!

Many Brokerages focus on making money off of every service or guidance that they provide to their Realtors®. They create a "puzzle of fees", leaving Realtors to wonder where the majority of their commission check went. At the end of the day it's really about: Are the fees my Broker collects EQUAL to the SERVICES I receive? At Equity, we feel that our tools and services FAR exceed the fee.

We charge $499 per transaction. Regardless if you sold 1M or 100K, we charge the same FLAT rate fee. PLUS, refer a Realtor and we pay you $100 per each and every transaction they close. Learn more about our Profit Share program.

One of the most often asked questions is, "How do you make money when offering so many services for such a low transaction fee?" The answer is simple, Equity is a debt free company that operates on volume. The more transactions we do, the more services we are able to offer. It's really that simple!

Equity is NOT a franchise. We're owned and operated BY Realtors® FOR Realtors®.

*Some states charge a small Monthly fee. Ask your local Broker for Details.

“I joined Equity, mainly, because of the commissions splits. Having been in Real Estate 10 years and belonging to 4 other companies, they were taking 30-36% of the commission of the gross commission and not able to justify the large split. When I would get paid it is suppose to be a good feeling and I felt mad every time I got paid. I would look at the split my previous offices would take and there was no justification on the large cut the brokerage would take. I finally decided to give myself a large raise by moving to Equity. I have been here for 2 years now and Equity Real Estate is the first company I can still say that I love working here. With the small split Equity would take, and still giving me all the Realtor services my other brokerages were giving me, I was able to pay off all of my consumer debt in 2011, bought a new car and new motorcycle cash in 2012. For anyone wanting to give themselves a raise, belong to a full service brokerage with with world class office space, lots of training, great broker support, online tools, I would recommend Equity Real Estate above any other company hands down.”   – Dean Baron

Equity... Revolutionizing Real Estate

*Not all services available in all areas, please contact your local broker for details.