If you were to refer 5 Realtors® /year for 5 years, and each of them closed just one deal a month, the amounts you receive would be:

• YEAR 1 – $6,000
• YEAR 2 – $12,000
• YEAR 3 – $18,000
• YEAR 4 – $24,000
• YEAR 5 – $30,000

If you want some really interesting numbers: calculate more Realtors® referred each year or more transactions per month.

Profit Share

"The initial reason Equity Real Estate started a Profit Sharing program was based on my concern about the lack of health insurance for the Realtors® in my brokerage. I knew that as a Realtor®, reserving a few hundred dollars out of each check for health insurance was not an easy task. In addition I was very concerned about the retirement plans for my Realtors®. I wanted to find a way to generate a secondary source of income to help them generate a passive source of income for health insurance and retirement. And, that is how the Profit Sharing plan started. But, the money that is generated in the profit sharing plan can be spent any way you want; you have 100% choice on what to do with it - after all it's your money." 

-Brady T. Long, President

For every Realtors® that you refer to Equity Real Estate, that joins the brokerage; you receive $100 on each transaction they close, for as long as they are active Realtors® in the company (regardless of the brokerages profit, you always get paid!).

For Example:

  1. John Doe is an Equity Realtor®, he tells his friend Jane Smith about Equity Real Estate.
  2. Jane joins the brokerage and closes a transaction.
  3. Equity pays Jane her commission from the transaction minus her transaction fee.
  4. Equity pays $100 to John from the transaction fee that was collected from Jane.

We are all in business as Realtors® to make an income. Here is your opportunity to make even more - for very little effort.

Equity... Revolutionizing Real Estate

*Not all services available in all areas, please contact your local broker for details.