Free FSBO and Expired eLeads Equity provides you For Sale By Owner ("FSBO") and Expired Listings leads through ArchAgent for FREE!

This high-potential lead stream is something that Equity has seen add a new dimension to Sales Realtor's bottom line, so take advantage! Our service provider searches the following sources for leads that you get to claim: Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Databases and Public Records.

ArchAgent automatically performs research for you and finds missing elements such as: Full phone number, Owner Name, Postal Address, Exact Location and Do-Not-Call Status

Proprietary keyword searches eliminate any properties listed as FSBO that are actually investors, Realtor listings, or assisted FSBO listings.

In addition to FSBO and Expired lead services, ArchAgent provides you with a turnkey business building manual that contains FSBO scripts, mail pieces, agreements that show you how to assist and close FSBOs, and PowerDialer; so that you can prioritize your calls by your own criteria. Automatically import your leads into many standard customer relationship managers ("CRM") or manually by exporting a CSV file to upload to your preferred CRM.

After you have assembled the list of eLeads you can upload it to eMarketing and you have a unique powerful direct mail system that focuses directly on your target market.

Equity... Revolutionizing Real Estate

*Not all services available in all areas, please contact your local broker for details.